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Convert your meat grinder or sausage stuffer into a patty maker with this press attachment. The press is made of high quality plastic and acrylic that uses the meat grinder's pressure to form 4 - inch patties.


This cast aluminum patty maker has an adjustable thickness of up to 1" max. Two strong screws let you attach the patty press makers to your table or counter top for extra stability. A 4 1/4" dia. makes big savory patties consistently every time.


Poly hamburger paddle

F3622 660 G

Charburger Seasoning 660g This is a smoky burger flavor great compliment to the usual grilled burger with a little extra flavor. Package good for 10Kg of meat.

Y6875 500 G

Prime Rib Burger Binder add a hint of savoury black pepper and dijon mustard taste to your homemade burger patties.

500g package

Allergy Alert: contains mustard